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Defense Attorney

Lou Horwitz

has over 20 years' experience

defending people's legal

and constitutional rights

has represented defendants

charged with misdemeanors,

probation violations, and

all classes of felonies

has represented defendants

before judges and juries

and, when necessary, has

challenged rulings all the

way to the Missouri

and the United States

Supreme Courts.

Lou's Philosophy

In 2008, Lou Horwitz ran for a judgeship because

he believes that the Constitution, Due Process,

and Judicial Independence matter very much.

The 70,000 people who voted for him

seemed to agree.


"A fair trial before an impartial tribunal is a 

basic requirement of due process."


The blessings of liberty afforded us by

the Founding Fathers under the Constitution

and Bill of Rights require our eternal vigilance.


In an ideal world, "the system" would automatically

protect every defendant's constitutional rights,

assure every defendant due process, and 

guarantee that every defendant receives

equal justice under the law.

In the real world, 

it all depends on a firm commitment to 

the principles embodied in the Constitution

by everyone involved.



Lou Horwitz


Lou's insights have

appeared in:

The Dallas Morning News,

The Denver Post,

the Los Angeles Times,

the New York Post,

The New York Times,

The Plain Dealer

(Cleveland, Ohio),

the San Antonio


the San Francisco Chronicle,

the St. Louis Post-Dispatch,

USA Today, and

The Wall Street Journal.

Member of the Bar

of the Supreme Court

of the United States

Member of the National

Association of Criminal

Defense Lawyers

Licensed to Practice

Law in Missouri

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